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As health expert for Lifetime television’s morning show and syndicated radio host, Dr. David Friedman has spent 15 years interviewing hundreds of health advocates, scientists, doctors and New York Times bestselling authors. His goal has always been to share research-based advice to help his audience reach their optimal health. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Instead, every guest would leave his audience (and himself) more confused. The proponent of a Vegan lifestyle would contradict the Paleo enthusiast. Those who swear by the Mediterranean eating style would be opposed to what the Gluten Free experts reported. Every week it was a new thing. Frustrated with so much biased and conflicting research, Dr. Friedman dove into the research and took a common sense meets common science approach. Through his website, blogs and TV and radio shows he offers practical, easy-to-apply guidance to millions of people across the globe.  

His highly anticipated book, Food Sanity — How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction, is due this winter.

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