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Confused about what to eat?

It’s no wonder. The proponents of the Paleo Diet tell you to eat meat, while the Plant Based Diet experts tell you meat is the leading cause of disease. The advocates of the Mediterranean Diet say to eat grains while the latest  Keto Diet guidelines tell you to avoid grains at all costs. Coffee is good for you. No, coffee is bad for you. Drink alcohol in moderation. No, drink alcohol sparingly. 

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Membership includes Dr. Friedman’s exclusive video mentoring program. He has conducted interviews with hundreds of scientists, world renowned doctors,  Pulitzer Prize winners, NYT’s bestselling authors, as well as his own 28 years of clinical experience.  His journey has brought together a “common sense meets common science” approach to answering the question: What in the heck are we supposed to eat?!


  • Weight loss:  The sad reality is that 95% of those who lose weight from dieting will put the weight back on in less than a year. If you’ve tried one of the many hundreds of weight-loss plans or followed a fad diet, you know this to be true. Dr. Friedman shares why it’s so difficult to lose weight and offers  an eating plan he’s been recommending to patients for almost 3 decades. This simple and easy-to-follow diet has helped thousands lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! 
  • Food is Medicine: In this revealing video, Dr. Friedman shares how food and herbal products have the same benefits as many of today’s common drugs without the dangerous side effects.  For example, you’ll learn about a product sold at health food stores for just $12 that can lower your cholesterol as good as statins, which can can cost up to $600 per month!  He explores the Government’s initiatives on suppressing many of today’s unequivocal research proving that nature has answers.
  • Coffee:  For decades health experts have warned us of the health risks of drinking coffee. Today, we are told that coffee can combat diseases like Diabetes,  Skin Cancer,  Colon and Liver Cancer, Parkinson's Disease,  Alzheimer’s Disease,  and Heart Disease. Dr. Friedman percolates over all the research and answers the big question: Is coffee good for us or not?
  • Alcohol: There has been a lot of research published on the health benefits of alcohol. Even the  American Heart Association recommends 1 to 2 glasses of wine to help combat heart disease. However, a recent study, spanning 30 years, revealed that  long term, light to moderate drinking can cause permanent brain damage. Dr. Friedman explores the good and the bad and shares his opinion on whether you should partake or avoid alcohol for your good health.
  • Dietary Supplements:  Most of today's top selling vitamins are  created by chemists in a lab and contain NO natural ingredients. While many people turn to vitamins as a natural alternative to giving their money to big pharma,  Dr. Friedman reveals a little known fact;   all the major brand vitamins are owned and  manufactured by Big Pharma.  You will be appalled when you  learn about some of the toxic chemicals used to manufacturer many of today’s leading dietary supplements.  Some vitamins on the market cause (not prevent) disease. Dr. Friedman shares what to look for when choosing your supplements.
  • Dairy:  Since kindergarten, we’ve been told we need milk for strong teeth, to keep our heart healthy and give us strong bones. Sadly, none of this is true. Dr. Friedman reveals shocking, unbiased global research showing how dairy can make you sick and cause brittle bones. He “follows the money” and shares the truth behind the “milk, it does a body good” campaign.  He also shares some great dairy alternatives, many which can be used for baking in place of cow's milk.
  • Fish: Dr. Friedman explores the Government's’ dietary guidelines and shares why fish have become the red-headed stepchild of food. There’s definitely something fishy going on here! He investigated cultures around the world that eat fish three times a day and what he found will forever change the way you look at fish!  Dr Friedman debunks the dangerous mercury in fish farce and shares how  unhealthy “farm-raised” fish are often deliberately sold in stores and restaurants as the healthier “wild-caught” varieties.
  • Fruits and Veggies:  While most health experts tend to disagree on a recommended diet to follow, most of them agree we need to include fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. However, there is a dark side. Dr. Friedman shares the truth behind “organic,” what to look for and what you should avoid.  He also shares an exclusive investigation he personally conducted on organic food vs. non organic and debunks the excuse that “organic is more expensive.”  If you want to know how to shop for the healthiest produce, this will be your “go to” video!
  • Beef:  The number one reason why Americans eat so much red meat is for the protein. Dr. Friedman shares the science on how much protein we really need and from what sources. He delves into and explores several diseases associated with red meat consumption.  Dr. Friedman also shares the truth behind the caveman diet and reveals forensic evidence on what our ancestors really ate.  Cavemen were short and stocky, 5 feet tall, weighing approx 171 pounds. Not exactly the superhero, big, strong, beef-eating carnivorous caveman image we’ve been lead to believe. That was the brilliant marketing creation of the beef and cattle industry, designed to sell more red meat.
  • Pork: Have you ever heard the term “sweating like a pig”?  That  statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pigs don’t sweat!  This is why they take frequent baths in water or wallow in the mud, which is necessary to maintain their temperature. When humans sweat, toxins are released from the body. Because pigs don’t sweat, they are more likely to keep toxins and infectious agents inside, which can be ingested by humans. This can lead to an array of health conditions including cancer! A pig is one of the only animals that cannot be killed by snake venom. After bitten, the poison is stored in the fat under the pig’s skin and gets ingested by anything that subsequently eats that pig. If you choose to eat pork, Dr. Friedman shares how to choose your cuts so your health is not at risk.
  • Chicken: While there are many peer reviewed, unbiased scientific studies showing that consumption of beef is linked to colon cancer, research on chicken shows the opposite. Eating poultry can actually help prevent colon cancer!  Dr. Friedman shares how chicken can part of a healthy diet but also exposes the dark side: the the industry that brings them to your plate. The chicken breeders have one goal, to produce the heaviest chicken possible in the quickest amount of time. It's not the health of the chicken that matters but the size. To accomplish this, they are fed sulfa drugs, appetite stimulants and antibiotics. Add to the mix coloring agents and chemical preservatives, and it begs the question: Are we playing chicken with our health? Dr. Friedman shares information to ensure you’re healthy enough to fly the coop.
  • Bread (and gluten): Grains and gluten have gotten this awful reputation for causing everything from obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease to cancer!  Dr. Friedman shares his opinion. You will be shocked when you learn how white flour is created and the science showing whole grains are NOT bad for everyone like the latest fad diets claim. He shares how you can recognize whether or not you have a gluten sensitivity and if so, some healthy alternatives to add to your diet. While we’ve all heard that bread causes obesity, there is one bread that science has proven helps you to lose weight. Dr. Friedman shares all this and more.
  • Eggs: Are eggs healthy for us or not?  They’ve gotten this bad reputation for causing high cholesterol yet  no evidence supports this claim.  Dr. Friedman shares what the research really tells us about eggs.  Also, how to shop for the healthiest eggs.

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  • How to buy organic food cheaper than the same non-organic items.
  • What to look for when choosing dietary supplements. Many people take  vitamins to help them stay healthy and prevent disease. Some  vitamins contain ingredients that are also used to manufacture gasoline, nail polish remover and toilet cleaner.  These chemicals are toxic and linked to causing disease, not preventing them.
  • How to lose weight. Counting calories causes you to gain weight! Dr. Friedman shares a quote from CEO of Weight Watchers that will make you think twice about taking out your calculator to figure out what you should eat.
  • What to avoid. Which popular artificial sweetener has been linked to causing migraines, depression, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.
  • What common ingredient to avoid! It’s found in red meat and not in fish or chicken that has been proven to cause inflammation and dis-ease for humans.
  • What’s fishy about the fish industry. Farm Raised vs. Wild Caught, you  can’t trust labels. Dr. Friedman’s investigated the fish industry. They’ve been caught— hook, line and sinker!
  • Why you should keep it local when it comes to produce. Learn which fruits and veggies travel the farthest before they get to your grocery store. The farther they travel the more harmful preservatives are used.
  • Dr. Friedman’s secret to longevity. Learn about one of Dr. Friedman’s patients, a  98-year-old man that still drives and plays golf every day. He’s sharp as a tack and on no medications.
  • The best way to keep your blood sugar in balance. Could eating grains (yes grains!) make you 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack or die from heart disease?  And what about fruits? Dr. Friedman shares some new information that you need to know.
  • Which fruits can actually help you lower your blood sugar?  Did you know there are some fruits that can actually help you lower your blood sugar and others that spike it? Dr. Friedman shares which ones to avoid if you are concerned about your blood sugar.

All this… and much more to come!

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